Kristi Jorgji
Hi there! My name is Kristi Jorgji. Welcome to the About Me page.

I am an MSc Computer Engineering graduate that specializes in building high availability and scalability web applications and backend systems.

I work between the engineering and business teams to provide quality solutions to the company and our customers.

My focus fields as of now are E-commerce systems and social networks or dating applications.

I prefer to consider myself as a language agnostic engineer, because I see the programming languages and frameworks merely as a tool to deliver the required business values to the customer.

For this reason, I always use the appropriate technology depending for the task at hand.

Below I list some of the technologies, management methodologies, and business analytic tools that I have used so far with my teams and projects.

  • Backend: C#, PHP, NodeJS, Go
  • Databases: MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDb
  • Frontend: JS (ES5, ES6), Jquery, ReactJS, VueJS, HTML, CSS/SASS
  • Devops: Jenksins, AWS,¬† Herkou, Ansible
  • Management: Jira, Trello, Kanban, Scrum and Agile practices
  • Business analytics: Google analytics, Tableau, Microsoft Excel

The above list does not necessarily indicate that I will be using the same tools for future projects. While starting a new project, I carefully analyzed the current available tools and choose the best ones for the given specifications.

Continuous learning and search for improvement is something that defines me.

Regarding my theoretical skills, I have a wide range of skills due to my studies and completed projects. Some of the most important are:

  • Algorithms and data structures, math, algebra, complex algebra, geometry
  • Operating systems
  • Databases
  • Computer networks and security
  • Economics, statistics, stochastic systems
  • Engineering communication
  • Electronics, digital and analog systems, embedded systems programming

Aside from my professional contributions, I have a lot of personal pet projects written in C++ and Python. The fields in which I am interested are machine learning (have contributed to handwritten recognition as dissertation of my MSc thesis), financial engineering (especially trading algorithms and stock sentiment analysis), crypters and casual small games written in C# with Unity Engine or with  C++ and OpenGL.